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The Welsh town of Cardigan used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans every week for 40 years, employing 400 people. Then in 2001 the factory closed. That’s why the Hiut Denim Company was born: To get the town making jeans again and to make the best jeans in the world.

Every year Oak help Hiut tell their story, by adding to an on-going series of short films showcasing the craftsmanship, inspirations and ideas of this forward-thinking denim brand.

The films are shot over one week, down at the farm whilst Hiut Denim are orchestrating their annual Yearbook shoot. The purpose of this week is to help tell the world what inspires them, what they dream about, and what they make for a living. Alongside the published yearbook, the films help Hiut put a marker in the ground, to show that they are ‘crazy good’ at what they do.

Their enemy is being average and average wont get 400 people their jobs back making jeans.

Alongside founders David and Clare Hieatt and photographer Andrew Paynter, Oak storyboarded, produced and edited a visual style for the films which are used throughout Hiut Denim’s marketing campaigns, workshops and guest lectures.




Hiut Denim Year Book Two film, narration by David Hieatt


Snapshot from the day's filming

hiut-denim-02 hiut-denim-06 hiut-denim-10 hiut-denim-04

Year Book Two's cast and behind the scenes


Short film documenting the manufacturing process of Hiut Denim jeans


Year Book films shown during talks with David Hieatt


Hiut Denim Year Book One film


Hiut Denim Year Book One film, interview with Andrew Paynter


Anna and Jackson on the shoot

hiut-denim-01 hiut-denim-12 hiut-denim-11 hiut-denim-13

Behind the scenes for Year Book one


The team behind Year Book one


Hiut Denim's Life beyond Vanilla film


Hiut Denim Year Book One and Two


Sonny the dog


“I hadn’t seen what they had done before, but what I bought into was their desire to do great work. Who doesn’t want to work with people who want to do that?”

David Hieatt

Founder, Hiut Denim Co.

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