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Some of the most important ideas in western history – the Magna Carta, Newton’s scientific theories, Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, Mozart’s music – were written in an Oak derived ink. The same ink that has been used in this print. This is a limited edition print that has been created for people who have a passion for brave, new ideas.

A number of wasp species inject Oak trees with chemicals that hijack normal growing processes. The result is oddly shaped growths called galls. The galls can be crushed, mixed with iron sulphate, gum arabic and water, to create this effective indelible ink.

This print has been screen printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Kendo in White, a high quality recycled paper with 55% pure environmentally friendly FSC pulp, 40% post-consumer FSC fibre, and 5% hemp fibre.

Edition of 100.

UK – £35 inc shipping
International – £40 inc shipping




Limited Edition Print


Print Detail

oak-poster-03 oak-poster-05 oak-poster-06 oak-poster-04

Process Photography


An Oak Gall from which the ink is derived


Edition Stamp Detail

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